UNITED NATIONS, April 12— The United States expelled two Cuban diplomats today, saying they assaulted people last August at Cuba's mission to the United Nations. 

The diplomats, Edmundo Suarez Hernandez, a counselor, and Saul Hermida Griego, an attache, and their families were told are to leave by midnight Sunday. 

The Cuban Foreign Ministry responded late today with a statement that the incident in August had been "provoked by terrorist groups who go around unpunished because of the inefficiency of the New York police." 


"Al menos dos ex funcionarios gubernamentales cubanos dijeron a CaféFuerte que los tres diplomáticos eran agentes de inteligencia que operaban desde la sede de Naciones Unidas.
“Edmundo [Suárez] era el jefe del centro que operaba desde Naciones Unidas, con grados de coronel del Ministerio del Interior, y Bandrich era un oficial en servicio”, dijo una fuente que pidió anonimato....."